Regency Dining Chairs

Two Regency Dining chairs from a larger set. The chairs are generally in a tired condition. The upholstery has lost its shape, the joints on the chairs are loose and the overall colour of the chairs has become Anaemic through over exposure to sunlight.


The brief is to strip out the upholstery, dismantle loose joints and re-glue and revive the colour and re-polish the chairs. A front leg on one of the chairs has been very badly burned, with the charing having gone quite deep the leg will need replacing.

  • Badly Burned Front Leg

    Looks like the chair has been left to close to an open fire. This has caused charring which has weakened the leg, a replacement will be made.

  • Upholstery Removed

    The chair has had its upholstery carefully removed to enable the frame to be taken apart. The seat pad is left intact for the upholsterer.

  • Chair Dismantled

    The frame having been taken apart to deal with the loose joints. The joints will all be cleaned of old glue with new hide glue being used to re-assemble the chair.

  • New Front Leg

    The badly burned front leg is being replaced with a new one. A small router plane is being used to cut in the decorative rebate on the new front leg.

  • Cleaning Joints

    All the joints are thoroughly cleaned of old glue in preparation for re-assembly.

  • Assembling The Chair

    A chair being glued back together. The front legs are usually glued first with the front rail, the front of the chair is then glued to the back with the side rails.